Round Lids

PP / PVC / ABS / Petg/PS / PSB
1.3 grams to 8.5 grams


Diameter Reference Form Tab Weight Colour
68mm 2289 Non-Recessed No 1.4g White
68mm 21201 Non-Recessed No 1.4g Cristal
68mm 2291 Recessed No 1.3g White *
68mm 11114 Recessed No 1.3g Cristal
75mm 24010 Recessed No 2.15g White *
75mm 12127 Recessed No 2.15g Cristal *
95mm 18445 Non-Recessed Yes 3.4g White
95mm 18939 Recessed Yes 3.4g White
95mm 20702 Recessed Yes 3.4g Cristal *
95mm 19100 Recessed No 2.8g Transparent *
95mm 2276 Recessed No 2.7g Cristal
95mm 2353 Dome No 4.2g Cristal
95mm 28736 Recessed No 3.3g Transparent
95mm 25781 Recessed No 3.3g White
95mm 25659 Recessed No 3.3g White
115mm 18582 Non-Recessed Yes 4.3g White
115mm 18583 Recessed Yes 5g White
115mm 20130 Recessed Yes 5g Transparent
146mm 18055 Non-Recessed Yes 8.5g White
146mm 24302 Recessed Yes 8.5g White
146mm 18243 Recessed Yes 8.5g Transparent


* Articles requiring a minimum production quantity

Possibility of printing - up to 6 colours in High Definition.

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