New Plastic Cup Enhances the Vending Experience

Published Saturday 28th of October 2017

The UK’s leading manufacturer of disposable vending cups, RPC Tedeco-Gizeh has launched a premium plastic cup with a modern image that meets the needs of today’s high quality vending systems. 

The 11oz Relax & Fresh cup has been designed to deliver the perfect vending experience for the consumer. RPC Tedeco-Gizeh has carried out in-depth research into consumer preferences which has identified an 11oz cup as being the most preferred size, while the attractive embossed wave design with a soft touch finish creates product differentiation and premium positioning. The fully recyclable cup will be available in a number of distinctive colours.

Importantly the cup is able to fit into all existing vending systems without the need for any modifications. As with all plastic cups, the rigid design of the Relax & Fresh range offers a more reliable vending operation than alternative materials, with minimal jams in customers’ vending machines.

With the majority of hot drinks in the UK already vended into plastic cups, the Relax & Fresh range has been created to capitalise on the growth of quality fresh brew and bean-to-cup vending systems that are being introduced into the foodservice and retail sectors. The result is a cup that offers a better-value proposition to both vending operators and consumers.

"We have looked closely at the market and developed a contemporary cup that is both stylish and practical and reflects the quality of the drink that it contains while remaining extremely cost-effective,” says RPC Tedeco-Gizeh General Manager.

The decision to produce an 11oz cup was a direct result of the company’s market research, he explains.

"It was clear consumers wanted a decent sized cup but very often with a 12oz or larger cup, not all the drink was consumed. Our research suggested that consumers saw the 12oz cup as unwieldy and overwhelming. Just this slight adjustment to 11oz provided the ideal solution.”

The Relax & Fresh range joins RPC Tedeco-Gizeh’s existing extensive choice of plastic cups. In addition, in order to meet every customer requirement and offer a comprehensive one-stop service for vending cups, the Relax & Fresh range will also include a 9oz paper variety.

"We have a strong reputation for high product quality and excellent customer service and our new range underlines our commitment to remain out in front, anticipating and responding to customer needs and changing market requirements by offering the most comprehensive choice of vending solutions,” concludes Nigel Cannon UK Sales Manager.

"As a specialist supplier with in-depth knowledge and understanding, we are ideally placed to be at the forefront of the latest innovations, and the Relax & Fresh cup is the perfect demonstration of our capabilities.”

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